Why partner with SearchReduce?

SearchReduce is exclusively focused on the Big Data Engineering, Data Sciences, and Analytics industries throughout the United States. Our focus is becoming your trusted advisor for talent and industry knowledge in the field of big data technologies. Our ethos is to be supportive of data professionals and readily change and adapt to market conditions.

We find the ideal person for the most challenging hard-to-find roles. We understand your needs to find the best match to the job and company culture and diligently work to overcome all obstacles to find you the best data science professionals.

Saving your managers’ time

Time is also a critical factor for role-placements. For a permanent senior person, our average role fulfillment time is two months. Rushing to fill roles with unqualified or unsuitable personnel can be a costly mistake.  Rather than taking up management time with the search process and getting meager results and settling for minimally adequate new employee, let us do the hard work and find you the star you deserve.  When you use SearchReduce, you’ll interview candidates who are:

Our recommendations include a total commitment in help looking for new career opportunities and not just individuals looking for a counter offer from current employer. We are on target with salary, location, job position and long term career objectives.

To ensure that we recommend the right people, we always interview our candidates and verify they are a good fit to your corporate culture and possess the necessary skills prior and to shortlisting. Our interview process includes an in-depth assessment of skills, personal attributes, and competencies. We only send you 1-2 candidate resumes at a time and only the most viable for the position. We will not waste your time as well as ours with long-shot candidates. An experienced SearchReduce consultant will discuss your vacancies and jobs in detail to determine the needs of your overall business objectives and wider IT environment. We always seek candidates who can communicate what they do, just as well as doing it.
To ensure success, SearchReduce uses a consultative approach, where we schedule a call to gather your requirements and learn as much as we can about your culture. Next, we search diligently to find the best person through a number of different internal methodologies. First we search through our own networks and databases. Next we ask our referral partners and do deep dive research to find the top professionals in the field. Finally, we utilize social media and web presence to connect to candidates we find as good fits to the positions. Then we cull that down to a minimal list of strong candidates with defined experience.
Since we will already have a good understanding of your company culture and structure from our meetings and interactions, we relate this back to the candidate, letting them match their expectations and needs early on. Most candidates appreciate honesty. We ensure we keep all candidates informed of the process, letting unsuccessful interviewees know honestly what gaps they had in this circumstance, so they can feel it was a learning experience.