Is Solution Architecture for You?

In a world where there is an ever-emerging technology that can serve businesses and where businesses still face challenges that need to be overcome as they develop, solution architects’ step in to fill the gap with their knowledge and experience to create an unhindered flow of growth and success.

Solution architects are techies who can empathize, understand, and help businesses through their technological dimensions.

Besides the six-digit the salary that you can expect as a solution architect if functional artistic design is your passion, this job can soon turn into a rewarding career.

Being a solution architect requires you to have an in-depth interaction with customers therefore this career requires that you enjoy that aspect of it since it is a big part of your career. Knowing the goal and mission of businesses you serve will help you, not only, with the present issue at hand like usability and impact on the business but also help you be a part of the future of the business, through future strategy plans and critical customer success.


I want to share with you four qualities that excellent SAs possess which empowers them in their difference-making arenas.


The Four Qualities of Solution Architects

Great Communication 

Being a great communicator might not come easily for the tech person, but I must emphasize the importance of communication when serving clients in the business world. As a problem solver, the only way you can truly stand out with your skills is by effectively presenting your solutions to your clients. Invest time in working on your communication skills so that you are strong in areas of giving advice, managing risks, and presenting results. As your work involves effective listening, negotiating, and persuading, being a great communicator will serve you well as you strive to serve others.

The breadth of Experience with Depth of Knowledge 

Your depth of knowledge in the field of tech will serve you well if you use it well. By well I mean add breadth to your depth. If you do not limit yourself and stay open to working in diverse fields that can benefit from you, it will make you a more valuable target in your field. Experiences will help you develop certain skills that only come from navigating many challenging problems which is sure to add value to any technological or business situations.

Zero in on risk

Businesses need to make risky decisions when dealing with the technical aspects of their service. This is where you have another opportunity to make a difference. As an excellent SA, you must be able to make calculated decisions that will have excellent results because you identify risks worth taking. Separating non-functionality and replacing them with potential game-changing functions or at least problem solvers, is among the qualities that would make you truly stand out in your field.

Never Stop Learning

Your field requires that you stay with the updates, but the attitude of an excellent SA is one of a lifetime learner. The ever-developing technology excites the SA who is open and active in honing technological skills. Improvement in technology means more avenues to more problems solved; it is not merely another thing the SA must learn to do a job. An excellent SA is driven by his desire to help solve a problem in any given scenario. You are a lifetime learner.

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